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  • Oakland County Educational Article of the Month - What Is a Squirrel’s Natural Diet and How Does It Get Its Food?

What Is a Squirrel’s Natural Diet and How Does It Get Its Food?

What Is a Squirrel’s Natural Diet and How Does It Get Its Food?

Squirrels are of many species and each of the specie has a particular natural food to eat. The most popular species are Oakland County flying squirrels, tree squirrels and the ground burrowing squirrels. One thing you need to know is that these squirrel specials just eat variety of foods and some are even opportunistic diet which means they can eat anything that come their way when they are hungry. It is also important for you to know that they are not picky eaters making it easy for them to survive in different Michigan environment where they find themselves.

Some of the Popular Squirrel Foods You Need To Know
Whether in the wild or in the urban there is some kind of foods squirrels find difficult to resist.
Some of the foods include:
• Native fruits
• Fungi
• Flowers
• Tree
• Veggies
• Nuts
• Insects
• Plants and other things they find in their habitat.
These are why squirrel are known to have omnivorous attribute as they can eat both plants and animals that come on their way increasing their survival opportunity in any environment.

How Squirrels Normally Get Their Foods Naturally
Squirrels are good planners and know that every day is not same that there may be high supply of food today and short supply the following day. For that reason, they normally plan ahead of time by storing foods inside their burrows. They will ensure that they take time to burrow ground where they wills tore the foods against the day when there will be short supply of food.

What You Need To Know About Fruits as Squirrel Best Diet
Indeed, Oakland County squirrels so much love fruits and always eat them with enthusiasm. They can harvest fruits such as palm nuts, apples, avocados, pears, citrus, nectarines, kiwi, figs and lots more. For that reason, if you are living near trees that produce any of these fruits you will likely find squirrel munching the delicious fruits with happiness and joy.

Squirrels Love To Eat Vegetables
If you have a Michigan garden with fresh vegetables, just wish that squirrel will not locate it as they will be happy to enjoy the buffet. The animal love variety of vegetables and can cause great damage in gardens by eating up all fresh vegetables there. Some of the vegetables mostly like by squirrels include: tomatoes, spinach, lettuce and lots more.

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