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  • Oakland County Educational Article of the Month - Which is easier to trap - mice or rats?

Which is easier to trap - mice or rats?

Which is easier to trap - mice or rats?

Mice and rats – these two species are often mistaken from one another. Is there any difference? Yes, there is. The following article lists down the difference of Oakland County mice from rats – from their origin, physical appearance and other characteristics. This article also discusses which specie is easier to trap, which one is harder and why.

Mice are common type of mouse that live in urban Michigan places – usually houses and buildings where they can access food. However, during extreme cold Oakland County weathers, they can dig burrows and live underground. These rodents are believed to have originated from Southern Asia. They are smaller than rats. They have brown fur, although some grow with darker ones. They have large hairless ears, small eyes and feet.  Mice are omnivores – they eat almost anything they can chew – nuts, cereals, seeds, and meat. They are nocturnal. They don’t hibernate and tend to store foods all over the place. Mice are great jumpers, climbers, and swimmers if needed.

Rats are common from North America and spread in many continents throughout the centuries. They are large Oakland County rodents with dark gray to black fur. They have longer bodies and hairless tails. They have small eyes and ears. Unlike mice, they are not good climbers – they usually just walk on the ground. They live in basements, sewers and burrows underground. They are nocturnal but can also be active during daytime. Rats are also omnivores – they can eat almost anything, even wood.

Based on physical attributes, Michigan rats can be trapped easily than mice. Rats are bigger and they move slower. They are often on foot, walking on the ground while mice can jump and climb on walls, roofs and elevated places. When a trap is placed on the ground, there is a huge possibility of capturing a rat than a mouse in it. A rat can walk through the trap to access the bait and due to its larger built; it will be difficult to get away. On the other hand, most people are having a hard time catching a mouse because of its small size and quickness. It can access the bait without getting into the trap. Once it got the bait. It can quickly jump over and skip the bait.

How to trap a mouse?
Since Oakland County mice are quick rodents, they can only be trapped by a sticky glue pad. Once they get into the bait, it will be harder for them to get off from the sticky glue, no matter how fast they are.

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